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Department of Periodontology


A Webinar was organized by Department of Periodontology on 16th October, 2018 by renowned speaker Dr. Sanjay Jain on the topic “Virtual to Reality the Future of Implantology” in the Boardroom of the premises.

Dr. Sanjay Jain, MDS, is doing exclusive Perio-Implants-Lasers practice since 16 years. He Masters in Laser Dentistry from Vienna. He is Professor and P.G. Guide at M.A. Rangoonwala College of Dental Sciences and Research Centre, Pune. He is also a faculty for Bio-Horizons Implant Program and Society of Oral Laser Applications-India. He is currently a Master Trainer and KOL Real Time Dynamic Navigation Navident. He has numerous national and   international publications to his name.

The webinar was aimed at use of real time dynamic navigation (Navident) for three dimensional correct implant placement. The presentation emphasized on the systematic and logical approach for planning and executing the implant placement using this latest technology in the field of implantology. The highlight of the webinar was videos of the procedure to depict correct use of technology. He concluded by stating that the real time dynamic navigation is future of implant dentistry so as to provide world class treatment to patients in India.

The webinar was attended by selected UG students, Interns, PG students, Faculty members and HOD’s of all the departments.  Dr. Vinod Sachdev (Director-PG Studies, ITS-CDSR) and Dr. Devi Charan Shetty (Prinicpal, ITS-CDSR) attended and acknowledged the topic of the webinar which benefitted the undergraduate and post graduate students and faculty of all departments.


Dr. Nikhil Sharma

Professor & HOD

Department of Periodontology

Practice Dentistry in United States of America"- introductory lecture by Dr. Jasmine Arneja- Alumni and Guest Speaker 18-7-2018

WEBINAR REPORT 14th July 2018

Department of Prosthodontics & Oral Implantology, I.T.S – CDSR, Muradnagar organized a Webinar on “Full mouth Rehabilitation- A Case series” by Dr. Santosh Doddamani, Professor, Department of Prosthodontics, Bapuji Dental College & Hospital, Davanagere.

 Around 74 participants including Faculty members, Post-graduates & Interns were part of this specialized continuing education program. 
The Program was conceptualized by our dynamic Vice-Chairman, Mr. Arpit Chadha.
The event was whole heartedly supported by Director - Dr. Vinod Sachdev and Principal – Dr. Devicharan Shetty.

The collaborative work for the webinar was done by Dr. Manoj Kumar (Professor) & Dr. Amrita Pawar (Sr. Lecturer) Department of Prosthodontics under the guidance of Dr. Shalabh Kumar (HOD) ensured that the program was a grand success.

" Webinar on-Clinicians and Oral Pathology- An Integrated Approach" Date: 28-5-18

I.T.S. Centre For dental Studies and Research

Murad Nagar , Ghaziabad

Department Of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology




A Webinar was organized by Department of Oral & Maxillofacial Pathology on 28th May, 2018 on the topic “Clinicans and Oral Pathology: An Integrated Approach”.

Dr. Anand S Teginnamani, Associate Professor, Department of Oral Pathology, SEGi University, Malaysia was the keynote speaker for the webinar. He has more than 15 years of academic experience in the field of Oral pathology. He has done his graduation, post graduation and PhD for Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bangalore. He has also received fellowship in Oral pathology from the IAOMP. He is the past Vice president of IAOMP and currently Associate editor of Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology. Currently, he is working as an Associate Professor in SEGi University, Malaysia.


The webinar was aimed at integrating the clinicians’ perspective with the branch of oral pathology. The presentation highlighted the systematic and logical approach for diagnosing common lesions encountered in the dental practice. It emphasized on the important clinical aspects to be borne in mind while diagnosing oral lesions routine clinical practice. The presentation was aimed at integrating the oral pathology practice into the clinical scenario by the young graduates and interns. It emphasized on assimilation of the knowledge of pathologic basis of disease and clinicopathological correlation during diagnosis, treatment planning and prognostication of the disease. He concluded by stating that a fundamental knowledge of oral pathology is essential to become a successful dental clinician.

The webinar was attended by selected final year students, interns, post graduate students from various specialties and faculty members of all the departments.  Dr. Vinod Sachdev, (Director-PG Studies, ITS-CDSR), Dr. Devi Charan Shetty, (Prinicpal, ITS-CDSR) & HOD’s of all the departments attended and acknowledged the topic of the webinar which benefitted the undergraduate and post graduate students and clinicians of all departments.


Dr. Devi Charan Shetty


Professor & HOD

Department of Oral Pathology

CBCT Hands-0n Workshop 21-23 May 2018

Centre for Advanced Imaging, Department of Oral Medicine and Radiology conducted a Hands-on Workshop on “CBCT- An Integrated Post Graduate Clinical Training” on 21-23 May 2018 for the post graduate students of all the Departments. We thank our Honorable Vice Chairman for promoting such programs to increase clinical skills of our students.

Webinar on "Early Age Orthodontics"- 12-04-18

Webinar on “Magnification Aided Endodontics”- 05-03-18

Department of Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics celebrated the Conservative and Endodontic day on 5/3/18 by organizing a webinar on “Magnification Aided Endodontics”. Our honorable Vice Chairman, Mr Arpit Chadha was the source of inspiration for the regular video conference and webinar to be conducted to bring the best of the world's minds to interact with our budding dentists. The Webinar was delivered by renowned speaker Dr. Vivek Hegde (Vice Principal and Professor & Head at MA Rangoonwala Dental College, Pune). His presentation stressed on the basics of magnification. He highlighted various applications of magnification in endodontics and minimally invasive restorative treatment.

Clear Aligners/ Invisalign Workshop- 27-02-2018

An Orientation lecture of Invisalign Technique and Clinical demonstration of digital Impression using iTero Intra-oral scanner was held at the Department of Orthodontics on 27/02/18. This activity of bringing the latest technology to the institution is spearheaded by our honorable Vice Chairman, Mr Arpit Chadha. Experts from Invisalign, India explained the treatment process & protocol with a live demonstration of intra-oral scanning & instant treatment simulation.

Dr. Hari Parkash Oration Lecture – 27-02-18

The “Dr. Hari Parkash Oration Lecture – 2018” was held on 27th February, 2018 at I.T.S Dental College, Ghaziabad. The eminent speaker for the Dr. Hari Prakash oration lecture was Padmashri Prof. (Dr.) Mahesh Verma, (Director – Principal Maulana Azad Institute of Dental Sciences, New Delhi. The audience was blessed with few words of wisdom by Professor Emeritus Prof. (Dr.) Hari Prakash. He said in his speech that, he was really happy to see the efforts being made by the institute to train the future generations of dentist in all latest treatment modalities. He said it was all due to the keen interest shown by young & dynamic Vice Chairman, I.T.S The Education Group, Mr Arpit Chadha, in day to day academic activities which has made ITS – CDSR one of the best dental college in the country. After this stage was handed over to Guest Speaker Prof. (Dr.) Mahesh Verma to continue his oration lecture on topic “Sustaining challenges for current dental professionals- surviving in modern times!!!” He answered various problems faced by dentists like ‘How does one stay relevant in the evolving world of dental practice? How does one not succumb to the threats? How does one overcome the precariousness of the profession and appear triumphant? What is the mantra to champion a successful model of dental practice?’ The lecture was attended by Mr. Surinder Sood (Director Public Relations, I.T.S The Education Group), Dr. Vinod Sachdev (Director PG Studies, I.T.S – CDSR, Ghaziabad) & Dr. Devi Charan Shetty (Principal, I.T.S – CDSR, Ghaziabad). The informative lecture truly inculcated a positive attitude towards dentistry in our students. We thank our honorable Vice Chairman, Mr Arpit Chadha for playing a key role in organization of this event.

Webinar on “Advances in Oral Implantology” 21-02-18

I.T.S Centre for Dental Studies & Research

Delhi-Meerut Road, Murad Nagar, Ghaziabad

Webinar Report on 21st February, 2018

Centre Oral Implantology


Webinar on “Advances in Oral Implantology” was organized at I.T.S Dental College, Murad Nagar, Ghaziabad by the department of Prosthodontics for undergraduate & postgraduate students on 21st February, 2018. The webinar was conducted by Dr. David Schwarz who is a Professor in Oral Implantology, UCAM University Murcia, Spain. We thank our honourable Vice Chairman Mr. Arpit Chadha for promoting this innovative way to exchange scientific information. 

Guest lecture at CDE program, IDA Ghaziabad 15-02-18

CDE Program was organized by I.T.S Dental College, Ghaziabad in collaboration with IDA Ghaziabad for the dental practitioners of Ghaziabad on 15 February 2018. An informative lecture was delivered by Dr Devicharan Shetty, Principal, I.T.S Dental College, Ghaziabad on the topic "Clinicians and Institution- An integrated approach to patient care ". The talk was aimed at spreading awareness regarding the collaboration of dental practitioners and the educational institutions for better data sharing and facilitating learning from both ends. It was followed by a healthy discussion and doubt clearing session regarding the newer technologies and techniques used in our institution. Dr Vinod Sachdev, Director PG Studies, I.T.S Dental College, Ghaziabad also attended the program. Special thanks to our honorable Vice Chairman, I.T.S The Education Group, Mr Arpit Chadha and Secretary, Mr BK Arora for providing support for organizing this informative and collaborative program.

Webinar on "Overview of Research" 31-01-18

Webinar on "Overview of Research" was organized at I.T.S Dental College Ghaziabad by the Department of Public Health Dentistry for the post graduate students and faculty members on 31 January 2018. 10 outstanding under graduate students were also selected for attending the webinar. The speaker of the day was well renowned speaker Dr Puneet Gupta. He is Reader in the Department of Community Dentistry at Government Dental College, Indore, India and is certified by IBM in SPSS software. We thank our honorable Vice Chairman, Mr Arpit Chadha for promoting this innovative way to exchange scientific information.

Entrepreneurship Awareness Workshop 23-25 January 2018

I.T.S Dental College, Murad Nagar, Ghaziabad organized an Entrepreneurship Awareness Workshop on 23-25 January 2018 in collaboration with our sister college, I.T.S Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad. The workshop was organized under DST-NIMAT Project and was sponsored by NSTEDB, Government of India and EDII Ahmedabad. It comprised of 2 days of lecture series by eminent speakers and an Industrial Visit to give practical insight to students regarding entrepreneurship and working of industries. We thank our honorable Vice Chairman, Mr Arpit Chadha and I.T.S Mohan Nagar to have taken this initiative which would be very beneficial to our students.

Anti Ragging Sensitization Program 19-01-18

An anti ragging sensitization program was organized by the Dental Council of India at I.T.S Dental College, Ghaziabad for the BDS students on 19 January 2017. Dr Anil Chandana, DCI member was the Speaker of the Day. The program aimed at making the students informed about their rights in case of a ragging incident by anyone. Students were also encouraged to report such incidents to the institutional anti ragging committee to prevent any such further incidents.