Advanced Oral Implantology Programme

     Journey so far: Now venturing into 6th year of promising beautiful smiles

Under the guidance and astute vision of Mr. Arpit Chadha , Vice – Chairman, ITS – The Education Group , ITS CDSR Muradnagar launched a comprehensive programme for implant education for upgradation of dental education in 2016 for Clinicians, Postgraduate and Undergraduate students.

After successful completion of five comprehensive programmes for oral implantology training more than 250 dentists and involving placement and rehabilitation of more than 650 dental implants, ITS CDSR, Muradnagar is ready to launch the 6th Comprehensive Oral Implantology programme for interns, clinicians and post-graduates in collaboration with CWM Implants, Korea. The programme is a customized, comprehensive module-based learning experience with a structured curriculum to develop your skills.


Program Highlights:

The course comprises of 4 modules with more than 75 hours of training in Oral Implantology.
•    Introduction to Implants
•    Didactic lectures
•    Diagnosis and Treatment planning- CBCT aided learning
•    Execution of surgical and Prosthetic phases
•    Soft tissue Management Tips and Techniques
•    Management of eventual complications
•    Live Demonstrations
•    Interactive sessions and pre-clinical activities for osteotomy, suturing, flap elevation and sinus lift surgeries.
•    Hands-On implant placement and rehabilitation by students


  • Enhancing diagnostic, surgical and prosthetic skills through evidence based learning methodology
  • Guided Bone Regeneration
  • Sinus Lift
  • Grafting procedures
  • Full- mouth rehabilitation



  • Prof. Jose Calvo (Spain)
  • Dr David Schawrz (Spain)
  • Dr. Soohong Kim (Korea)
  • Dr. Lanka Mahesh (India)


Program Director :
Dr. Gaurav Issar, HOD Dept of Oral Implantology

Senior Academic Counsel & Course Faculty :
Dr. T Soorya Poduval
Dr. Sumit Malhotra
Dr. Rahul Kashyap
Dr. Upasana Sethi Ahuja

Technical Advisors
Dr Srinath Thakur
Dr. Devi Charan Shetty

Program Co-ordinators :
Dr. Manoj Kumar
Dr. Rahul Chopra
Dr. Amit Gupta
Dr. Viddhi Rathi
Dr. Sidharth Bansal
Dr. Joohi Chandra

Associate Professionals :
Dr. Akshay Rathore
Dr. Nikita Gulati

For more details please contact

Program Director :
Dr. Gaurav Issar, HOD Dept of Oral Implantology

Mobile: +91 99100 26333


Practice Management Programmes

This is a unique attempt of I.T.S CDSR to equip students to master the tips and tricks of successful practice. The Course in 2016 was conducted by Dr Ajit Shetty who is amongst the most successful dental practitioners in Mumbai. He is also a renowned speaker in Oral Implantology, esthetics and Occlusion at various National and International forums. This Course is now a part of yearly Programme that the college conducts.

The Course was conducted in association with Department of Conservative Dentistry headed by Dr Sonali Taneja. More than 150 students participated in this course which was held in 02 modules of 02 days each.

Wide variety of topics regarding Practice Management are covered in this course like:

  • How to set up a dental practice
  • Patient management
  • Time : Money ratio
  • How to upgrade your practice
  • Cost calculation of various dental treatments

Additionally live procedures like composite restorations direct and indirect were demonstrated. Composite veneer treatment was also demonstrated to the students. The Post graduates also demonstrated their cases in front of interns and BDS Final year students to encourage an interactive educational session


Recognized/Approved MDS courses

Recognized/Approved MDS courses

Learn from the leading implantologists


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