Department of Oral Medicine and Radiology

  • The Department of Oral Medicine and Radiology is situated in the clinical OPD Block, it has fully functional Clinical Block and Radiology section.
  • Clinical block has separate undergraduate and postgraduate sections.
  • All the operatory chairs have intraoral cameras and LED
  • Radiology section is completely digitalized and equipped with latest equipment’s ie Two Digital OPG Machines, Five Intra-Oral-Oral X Ray Machines, Cone Beam Computed Tomography and PSP Digital X Ray Systems- Vista Scan.
  • Orofacial Pain Clinic
  • Patient Counselling Room forms the vital part of the Department which is recognized not only for basic counselling of the patients but also for clarifying the myths regarding dental practice.
  • Patients are well guided for their treatment and its outcome.


  • Apart from casing the essential curriculum defined by DCI, department encourage students to make integrated seminars and projects.
  • Students learn diagnostic skills and medical management of oral diseases
  • Exhaustive hands on exposure in Diagnostic Radiology where they learn to take different radiographic views and image interpretation.
  • Regular discussions and demonstrations are taken in the clinic and radiology sections.
  • Lectures are uploaded by the concerned faculty fifteen days prior to the lecture scheduled for the students so that students are familiarized about the topic.
  • Student evaluation at the department level is done every month.


  • Department admits Three post graduates every year.
  • One of a kind Oro-Facial Pain Clinic to treat, diagnose and manage complex Orofacial Pain conditions.
  • Post graduate programme is well structured with clearly defined goals, which grooms them for management of various Oro-facial pathologies and various radiographic techniques specified.
  • Comprehensive Research oriented program with focus on Clinical based research where post graduates undertake individual short and long term research projects
  • Apart from this they are trained in taking CBCT scans and their interpretations.
  • The clinical workup of the special case is an unwavering area of focus.
  • Evidence based learning methodologies are taken up for post graduate training
  • Biopsy procedures for different pre-cancerous and cancerous lesions
  • Vital Staining
  • Intra-oral and Extra-oral Imaging protocols with Interpretation
  • Conventional and CBCT guided Sialography
  • Ultrasound imaging exposure in conjugation with Radiology Department of Surya Hospital
  • Allied postings at different Hospitals in Radiotherpay and Diagnostic Imaging including CT and MRI
  • Students are encouraged to practice recent trends in the management of diseases via CAUTERY, LASER and TENS therapy, ULTRASOUND THERAPY and DIATHERMY along with Basic Life Support and Emergency Management.