Department of Pediatric and Preventive Dentistry

  • The Department of Pediatric and Preventive Dentistry at I.T.S –C.D.S.R., Ghaziabad is an imperial centre for quality oral health care delivery to children and adolescents with a yearly footfall of more than 30,000 patients.
  • This state of the art department is equipped with the latest behavior  management techniques for children like audio-visual entertainment, TV screens with headphones, virtual reality gear etc. to give them the most comfortable environment during their dental visit


  • Total of 100 undergraduate students are posted in group of 10-15 each during their BDS curriculum to gain first hand practical knowledge in pediatric dentistry
  • Students come in direct contact with the child patient in the department which gives them an insight to manage them efficiently in the clinics
  • Practical experience ranging from Recording Case History, Diagnosis, Infant Oral Healthcare, Diet Counseling, Preventive treatment in patients is performed by the students.
  • Hands on and observer ship programs on latest technologies like Lasers and nitrous oxide sedation has been introduced to undergraduate students giving them an exposure to brand new technologies


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