Conferences & CDE’s

I.T.S provides it’s students with highly reputed platforms at national and international conferences that are organised each year. Students present papers and posters at each of these conferences of different specialities and have won accolades for the college. These act as a confidence booster for them to attend various professional meets ahead in their careers.

Workshops & Guest lectures

Workshops allow the students to not only learn about the new procedure but also get a feel of the whole process. The guest lectures by the people leading the field of dentistry allows the students to get a fresh perspective of the field that is needed in the overall academic development.

Inter class cultural fiesta

To infuse a new energy and enthusiasm among our students an inter-batch fiesta “ Euphoria” is organised. The highlight of the event is that it is organised by our students which instills in them leadership qualities and a sense of responsibility to manage big events. The highlights of the event are on and off-stage events like solo and group singing, solo and group dance, skits, fashion show, dumb charades, antakshri, tug of war, card making, tattoo making etc.

Student exchange program

A new segment and a unique opportunity for our students to learn new procedures of international level and expand their horizons by visiting various international universities First such undertaking was in 2015 when the students and faculty members learned about the international standards of dentistry and also managed to observe the new cutting edge procedures being performed. The excellent work ethics reflect the success of this new endeavour The success of 2015 exchange program that resulted from a spectacular fusion of the best practices of the east and the west inspired the I.T.S Group to make it a lifetime annual event


The college has a legacy of organizing short trips every year. These trips help to break the monotony of the daily academic life. They get new opportunities to explore and experience new adventures such as trekking, paragliding, river rafting etc. These are really appreciated by the students as they help in living their lives with more energy and zeal.