Cultural and Sports activities

Stress Buster Saturday 26-05-18

Stress Buster Saturday 28-April-18

Stress Buster Saturday-31-March-18

Last Saturday of every month is dedicated to the Stress buster exercises for the BDS students. Our honorable Vice chairman, Mr Arpit Chadha has been very instrumental in organization of this event because of his concern for the students having a stress free educational experience for our students

Stress Buster Saturday 27-Jan-18

Saturday Stress Buster Activities were organized at Vikram Sarabhai Auditorium, I.T.S Dental College, Ghaziabad on 27th January 2018 for BDS students. Cultural activities were arranged like antakshari, singing and dance competitions and all the students participated enthusiastically. All the students had a great time and were refreshed with these recreational activities. At the end of the program, all that can be seen were happy and smiling faces. We thank our Vice Chairman, Mr. Arpit Chadha to promote such activities for the students so that they can cope up with the stressful curriculum.