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Principal’s Message

Dr. P. B. Sood is BDS from the Dental Wing, Medical College, Trivandrum in 1975 and MDS in Pedodontics from PGIMER, Chandigarh in 1979. Dr. Sood has academic experience of more than 25 years at undergraduate and postgraduate levels and has numerous publications in speciality journals to his credit.

Dental education has reached the zenith. The last two decades of the last century paved the path for the appropriate increase in the number of dental professionals in the country. There was an apprehension and speculation about the progress of the profession a decade back. The realities were far from those apprehensions; the profession has grown brighter over the years. And truly the old myths are making room for new success. The advances in every aspect of science and engineering have given its due share to dentistry.

Knowledge is a never-ending phenomenon. The welcome shift to Internet, e-books, e-journals has all added to a definite enhancement of knowledge in a lesser span of time. A feeling that not enough efforts are put forth by younger generation effortlessly only indicates the positivity of learning stages. Since the knowledge is always expanding, the newer horizons will keep emerging. The students today are joining dentistry with better-equipped information, knowledge and education. The times and eras are always harder for any generation.

The present scenario with more than seventeen thousand new students joining the profession is a milestone towards better dentistry and availability of dentistry for all. It may still take years to reach status of “Dental Health for All”. It is also true that dentistry is making its stride in the direction of better quality of dental health, esthetic and function. New branches like Aesthetic Dentistry and Dental Implants are making their niche; it speaks volumes of financial health of the nation.

 I.T.S. Center for Dental Studies and Research is amongst the old institutions in dentistry. It has achieved its supremacy due to the fact of visionary management and functionaries, well qualified, experienced and dedicated faculty, superb infrastructure and the state of the art technology, a leap in to research activity and missionary attitude for patient care.

The institution has special affinity for dental academicians, academics and students of dentistry. We welcome each one to this institution and hope for an overall growth.


Dr. P. B. Sood


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