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“We are the Smile Architects”
Orthodontics is a branch which is concerned with guiding and correcting the abnormal position of teeth, correction of any abnormal jaw sizes and thus improving the overall smile, self esteem and self confidence of a person.
The services gathered under the Department of Orthodontics are threefold.
The undergraduate students receive theoretical and clinical training in orthodontics. This training is focused on diagnostics and minor treatments, making it possible for the dentist to master minor fixed appliances and various removable appliances.
The three-year post graduate program leads to a specialization in orthodontics (MDS). A variety of techniques are taught and the program includes a research obligation, leading to a MDS degree.
As the third service the Department of Orthodontics also hosts the craniofacial anomaly clinic, coordinating the team treating patients suffering from congenital anomalies along with Maxillofacial Surgery department
Lingual orthodontics is the current focus with a number of cases being started. Latest adjuncts for moving teeth like micro implants are being used in the department. Adjunctive orthodontics like Clear Aligners, night guards / sports guards are also fabricated in the department.
The teaching staff is actively engaged in pursuing academic activities and is constantly guiding and monitoring the students. Activities like clinical case discussions, seminars, and journal clubs are regularly held in the department. The department has a number of publications in national and international journals to its credit. Various scientific and research activities are also being done in the department.
We also conduct school camps to educate and create awareness among the children regarding the overall health of their teeth.

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