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With the advent of emerging and re-emerging infections, Microbiology has evolved as one of the important and most complex discipline of biological sciences of the present era. Microbiology is not only limited to the laboratory diagnosis but has significant role in deciding the best treatment, prevention and epidemiology of an infectious agent.

Microbiology is extremely important for Dental students as the oral cavity harbours mixture of organisms ranging from normal flora, transient flora to highly infectious organisms which can give rise to trivial diseases. Some of the infections are not restricted only to the oral cavity, whereas it gets entry through the oral cavity to other vital organs like heart, bones etc. and results into serious fatal diseases.

Students in the department are made to learn the impact and applications of this science on their day to day professional life. They are made aware of clinical diagnosis of infectious disease, etiological confirmation of clinical diagnosis and antimicrobial susceptibility to select the best antibiotic for therapy and prevention of such diseases. Following the dictum that /I Seeing is believing /The students are given practical experience in various conventional methods of microbiological diagnosis, antibiotic sensitivity testing and immunological assays like VDRL & WIDAL.

They are also taught the safe practices of patient care viz. Universal Precautions, Sterilization & Disinfection and Biomedical Waste Mgt which has become a serious issues in health care. By using various teaching modalities like conducting seminars, model preparation etc. the department extends the teaching beyond the text books to encompass various current microbiological topics and their applications in public health.

The department is modestly equipped for teaching BDS. The lab has a functional media room, sterilization and washing rooms and a work station. We also have specimens & slides of various infectious agents, cultures, & further tests are done in the laboratory. The department also maintains the living strains of different bacteria and fungus. Laboratory is also engaged in
diagnosis, based on direct techniques, culture methods & rapid immunological assays. of clinical specimens send from hospital

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