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Aristotle gave the name 'Anatomy' approximately 2300 years back. Literal meaning of Anatomy is "to cut & see" to study the structural of body & body organs details of any living being. Anatomy deals with a lot of disciplines i.e. developmental anatomy or embryology, osteology, angiology, mylogy, radiology, histology, comparative anatomy and gross anatomy
At I.T.S Dental College human anatomy department is providing best of knowledge of the subject in theoretical as well as practical aspect because of highly committed efficient senior faculties and excellent infrastructure provided by management as well as enthusiastic students participation.

Department museum is an example of cumulative effort of faculty, management, students & staff. We are having 126 wet specimen of almost all the parts / areas human body, neatly dissected very well displayed & arranged in different almirahs, as embryological, upper limb, lower limb, head & neck, brain, abdomen etc. Our human anatomy museum is having about 60 models on embryology & gross anatomy to impart the knowledge of subject along with 40 beautiful charts & posters. Museum is also having radiological section to impart latest knowledge on X-rays, ultrasound, CT scan & MRI .

Department has also got facility of BONE BANK. Students are issued bones for 5 days so that they can learn better even at their homes or hostels. Bone Bank presently is having 350 bones from all parts of body & we are intending to procure more & more bones.

Histology lab: Lab is providing one microscope to each student individually. Department has got 580 histological slides of very good quality of all types of tissues.

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