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Surgery is that branch of science which cures diseases or injury by manual operation or by medication. General Surgery is taught to IIlrd year B.O.S. students through didactic sessions and clinical cases which are obtained in the General Hospital. Emphasis is laid on the clinical approach to the patients disease as a whole and the different modalities of surgical treatment. At ITS we have a surgical O.P.D with a high inflow of patients for whom meticulous treatment is provided at a nominal rate. Due to the strategic location of the college on the highway, we are always ready to take and treat emergency situations incurred by patients. We also are placed in a rural

Area and are the main hope for people in ill health in these areas. A well A equipped operation theatre and efficient radiological & diagnostic back-up are our strong points. The Dept. of General Surgery has adequate experienced teaching faculty and also resident doctors to treat emergencies

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