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Centre for Advanced Research

  • Inauguration of Centre for Advanced Research

  • Vickers Micro-hardness Machine

  • Microbiology Lab- Student working on Cell Counter

  • Microbiology Lab – Student working in the Laminar Flow Hood

  • Universal Testing Machine

I.T.S- CDSR has established an Advanced Centralized Research Facility in their college as “Centre for Advanced Research”. It is the first research Centre in Northern India to provide complete guidance and facility in the area of Biotechnology, Microbiology Genomics, Immunohistochemistry and Dental Metallurgical studies.

The main focus of the Centre for Advanced Research is to provide guidance, training and research facility to B.D.S, M.D.S, M.S.C and M. Pharma students for undertaking their thesis/research work.

The Centre is fully equipped with advanced facility for

  1. Life Science Research-In areas like molecular and cell biology, biochemistry, immunohistochemistry, microbiology, pathology and molecular genetics facility.
    The advanced centre has following equipments for life science research work.
    1. PCR Thermocycler
    2. Gel Documentation System
    3. UV Transilluminator
    4. Laminar flow hood
    5. BOD incubator
    6. UV-Visible spectrophotometer
    7. Microscope
    8. Microtome
    9. Equipments for anaerobic bacteria culture
  2. Metal and Metallurgical Research- In area of physical behavior of metallic elements which include tensile, flexural, compression and photometric properties of dental material.
    The Advanced Centre has following equipments for metallurgical testing
    1. Universal Testing Machine
    2. Surface Roughness Tester
    3. Spectrophotometer Reflectance for solid material
    4. Stereomicroscope
    5. Vicker’s Microhardness Machine and
    6. Bite Force Tester
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