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Biochemistry has taken rapid strides over last 2-3 decades in understanding artiopathological problems, basic to disease and health.
In ITS-CDSR, the Department of biochemistry provides experienced well known faculty providing concise yet authoritative coverage of principles of Biochemistry with a belief that -
"Today's Biochemistry is Tomorrow's Medicine" The teachers make subject interesting, encouraging, aiding students with knowledge and fundamentals of the subject important to medicine.

The students active participation is encouraged in the form of presentation, seminars and discussions the teaching is well reflected by good performance of students in university Exams. An understanding of modern Biochemistry is impossible without an introduction to experimental methods for which ITS has provided well equipped laboratories and clinical material. The latest methods of investigations & demonstrations are undertaken in the lab and taught to the BDS students. Department also conducts post-graduate programmes, seminars and discussions to update post-graduate students with latest advances in the subject.
The faculty members also participated in international and national conferences held in the last year and activity participated in them

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